Contractwise take on recent Press Comment that a “Carillion” could happen again

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6th June 2018
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Contractwise take on recent Press Comment that a “Carillion” could happen again

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The Daily Telegraph ran an article this week that suggested another Carillion could happen if lessons weren’t learnt about Risk and Contract Management. Noel Green from Contractswise gave his perspective on the piece:

“It doesn’t have to be a Carillion sized collapse for the lack of contract management to have a significant impact on an organisation or business.

Many businesses and organisations will be reliant on much smaller contracts than those we’ve all read about at Carillion.

It won’t necessarily be the high value contracts that would cause significant disruption if things were to go wrong.

The good news is that the supply of low cost and easy to use and implement contract management software is growing. Organisations can quickly adopt such software to manage the performance and risk of their contracted out goods and services.

Anyone wanting to know more can contact Noel Green at ContractsWise Limited or the International Association of Commercial and Contract Management (IACCM) has produced a tool to help identify the right software product for your organisation. The IACCM is totally independent of any software vendor and does not receive any remuneration from recommended vendors.

The IACCM is a worldwide organisation with over 40,000 members and includes over half of the Fortune 500 companies.”

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