DfE decision to move to Capita – a brave decision?

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DfE decision to move to Capita – a brave decision?

DfE, Exam Management Contract, Capita

The DfE has switched its exam management contract to Capita

News has broken today that the Department of Education has moved its Exam Management Contract worth £109m to Capita (full story here on Education Executive website). Noel Green from Contractswise offers his perspective on this news. 

“The DfE has made a brave decision to move away from the incumbent supplier who has been providing this service for many years. I am sure that the decision was made on sound commercial reasoning based on the evidence provided and thorough checking of that evidence.

If there was ever an imperative case for adopting class leading contract management then this must be one of them. This controversial decision could make or break on the DfE’s ability to manage all the obligations that will be imposed on Capita and its ability to react at the earliest sign of failure or even the risk of failure. The DfE itself will also need to ensure that it meets its own obligations so that Capita can never claim that the DfE prevented it from running the contract effectively.”

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