ECMS is an innovative cloud based contract management tool, designed by experienced contract managers to help organisations maximise performance and minimise risk in the contracts awarded and/or delivered.

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ContractsWise - A Cloud based Supplier Management Software and Contract Management SystemTool

Some of the common issues faced by many organisations which our software addresses are:

Avoid unplanned costs

Managing contract performance and mitigating contract risks and being quickly alerted to changing circumstances will help avoid unexpected and unplanned costs.

Achieving agreed service levels

The review of contract performance is automated. The causes of under-performance can be quickly identified and acted upon. Stakeholders can identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Prioritising contract management resources

The contract ranking tool will determine which contracts require the most attention. Contract management functions can be switched off for low value and low risk contracts.

Engaging with stakeholders

Stakeholders contribute to performance and risk reviews and can easily make recommendations for improvement. The number of users and stakeholders is unlimited.

Missed renewal dates

Stuck with a contract too expensive because the cancellation deadline was missed? Never miss important dates with our automated reminders.

Retention of corporate knowledge

Are staff leaving and not handing over key information? The contract register, document store and notes field will help ensure that vital knowledge is retained.

Information Security

Information will only be available to authorised staff. Levels are contract specific so someone can have different permissions for different contracts.

Quick access to information

Contract information is accessible from any location with an internet enabled device. Locate specific contracts quickly using the search facility.

Contract Documentation

Free up space by storing all your information and documents in the cloud. Archive old contracts for retrieval at a later date.

Monitor Contract Performance

Add, track, amend and report key performance indicators (KPIs).
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ECMS is a powerful, function rich system which supports organisation-wide contract management by allowing:

As well as providing full contract administration functionality including a searchable contract register, unlimited key date reminders, unlimited document storage and controllable user permissions at contract level ECMS is designed to manage and improve contract performance. The contract management functions of ECMS include:

Downloadable information

Internal and external stakeholder engagement

Automated stakeholder engagement

A contract priority ranking decision tool

A unique, configurable contract performance and risk dashboard

Messaging system

Problem or risk alerts

Automated contract performance review

Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking

Automated risk/problem review

"ECMS has been a fantastic development for us" Sheldon Witney, RedSixty Limited