Is there a difference between contract management software for a small business and a large multi-national business?

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2nd December 2018
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Is there a difference between contract management software for a small business and a large multi-national business?

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In the case of the ECAS and ECMS contract management software developed and supplied by ContractsWise Limited the answer is there is no difference.

OK a large multi-national is going to have more users and may want some more of the add-on features but intrinsically the platform is the same. Regardless of the size of business the software is operating on the same ISO27001 (Data security) accredited cloud based system and the customer is receiving the same high level of customer service.

This makes sense because the tracking, control and management of contracts is just as critical for a small business as it is for a large business. Sure the contract values are going to be much higher for a large business but the consequences of not managing contracts could arguably be even higher for a small business.

A question often asked is “If the software is robust enough and effective for a large multi-national how is it affordable for a small business?” Well ContractsWise has customers for its software ranging from a micro business with just a few employees up to multi-national businesses with turnover in the £billions.

This is because the software is highly scalable with the ability to start small with basic but still extremely useful and effective functionality and just a few users and then add new functions and additional users as the need arises. Therefore a small business can be paying under £100 per month and let’s face it for a large business even using all the available functionality and more users the monthly cost of the software is the equivalent of loose change.

So one difference between small and large businesses is the level of business sign-off. By the nature of small to medium sized businesses the authorisation to proceed is made at board/owner level. For larger businesses then the cost is often within the budget sign-off range for Heads of Departments.

As businesses of all sizes outsource more and more of their critical services, contract management becomes an increasingly important function and those businesses can be confident that whatever their size there is affordable, effective and easy to implement software available to help them.

ContractsWise’s objective is to help organisations to improve their management of contracts and reduce the risks of being impacted by poor performing contracts. It is for this reason that ContractsWise not only supplies the software discussed above but has also developed an e-learning module. This e-learning module titled “Contract management for optimum performance” is a module to be used by any organisation wanting to improve the contract management skills and awareness of its workforce. It is not an e-learning module about the software but is all about how to improve contract management skills and will be useful to any organisation whether or not they subscribe to the ECAS or ECMS.

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