Managing the shift from procuring goods to procuring services.

Contract Management System
ECAS & ECMS Upgraded
14th July 2017
Contract Management System
UK Government asks suppliers to speak out over poor contract management.
28th September 2017
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Managing the shift from procuring goods to procuring services.

Research is showing that modern organisations are spending less on products but are spending more on services.

A modern thinking procurement function needing to be proficient at procuring services will need to have a mindset of buying outcomes rather than products.

How then does an organisation ensure that the outcomes required from an increasing number of service contracts are achieved?

ContractsWise’s unique ECMS cloud based contract management software will:

1. Help you identify your most important contracts.
2. Automatically engage with stakeholders to understand how well a contract is meeting its required outcomes and identify areas for improvement.
3. Track Key Performance Indicators.
4. Track and manage risks.
5. Report performance and risk on an easy to read dashboard.
6. Send reminders of key events directly to anybody’s e-mail account.
7. Keep your contract information and documents secure.

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